Continuity and Adaptability in Design and Engineering Education

These days, we are witnessing severe environmental crisis which calls for a greener approach for all industries. Digital and technological development offer new alternative ways to work. We experience global challenges of public societies and healthcare systems that demand close attention to risk and uncertainty. These environmental, technological and societal changes and challenges have major implications on our educational system within design and engineering. They impact what we teach, the way we teach and why we teach. We need to educate designers and engineers so that, in addition to being proficiently skilled, they can work in cross disciplinary teams and are able to contribute to dynamic and constantly evolving processes and systems in a fragile and unpredictable world.

In times of crisis it makes sense to secure continuity looking both backwards and forwards. What do we want to bring with us to the future? Are their forgotten skills and competencies that we need to revive or develop? How do we use the technological development for a green transition and to create sustainable economic growth?

This year’s conference theme aims to explore ways in which design and engineering education can explore, discuss and learn from the past and educate in the present, whilst creating a secure, sound and sustainable future.

The conference aims to:

  • Provide a platform for participants to discuss the legitimacy and value of design and engineering education in an uncertain future
  • Explore educational solutions and exchange experiences of how to meet future requirements of education and business
  • Seek solutions to open new horizons for innovation and growth
  • Seek new perspectives on education within design and engineering
  • Contribute to the present twin transition of the society caused by actions for sustainability and the digitalization
  • Explore how we can prepare the students to meet future challenges without knowing what they are

The conference provides the opportunity for representatives from education and industry to share new perspectives on design education and how these may meet current and future needs. Issues will be addressed via the following conference topics related to design and engineering education:

  1. Innovation and creativity in design and engineering education
  2. Industrial engagement in design and engineering education
  3. The impact of ethical and social issues on design and engineering education
  4. Addressing and managing crisis in society through design and engineering education
  5. The potential of circular value chains in design and engineering
  6. Assessment methods in design and engineering education
  7. Engaging the user experience in design and engineering education
  8. Research through design and engineering practice
  9. Digitalisation and technology as a means for development in design and engineering education
  10. The value of cultural practice in design and engineering education

The main focus for the E&PDE conference is to share new perspectives on design and engineering education. In keeping with the inclusive ethos of the E&PDE conference and to broaden the opportunities to link design and business with creativity and innovation, other stream proposals are welcomed. We invite you to send your ideas for other relevant topics to