Even though the conference is online this year, we would like to present our institution:

About VIA Design
VIA Design & Business is a part of Denmark’s largest university college, VIA University College. With its 1200 students, VIA Design & Business is one of the largest educational institution within fashion and furniture in the Nordic countries. For more than 50 years, we have set out every day to combine design and business in educating creative and innovative future professionals for fashion, furniture and other lifestyle businesses worldwide. In doing so, we ensure that our students are skilled for current and future industry needs. We offer course programmes within AP and BA-degrees, covering all functions found in modern fashion, furniture and other lifestyle companies – or in other words, every link of the value chain. Within the design area we offer specialities such as Fashion Design, Pattern Design, Furniture Design and Visual Communication Design. Within business we offer specialities such as branding and marketing, entrepreneurship, purchasing and retail design and management. Our Research Center has a broad field of applied research projects within design, business and materials technology directed towards the lifestyle industry. Some of our main research areas focus on product design, trend, sustainability, materials science and others in the field of business innovation. Our aim is to create and convert knowledge into solutions that give the lifestyle industry a competitive advantage, and into education that enhances the market value of our students.


The area surrounding VIA Design Birk is a very special area based on education, innovation, fashion, trade and art. The campus has five very unique buildings, each decorated by it’s own artist. The buildings have auditoriums, classrooms, wood/metal/textile & colouring labs as well as spaces where our students meet and work together on different projects. Our campus is surrounded by beautiful open spaces and art installations such as the Geometric Gardens, Elia, HEART Museum and Carl-Henning Pedersen & Else Ahlfeldt’s Museum. For more information, please see “Visit Herning”-section.