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Conference Organising Committee

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Anna Clarke, Institution of Engineering Designers
Derek Covill, University of Brighton
Mike Evatt, Institution of Engineering Designers
Barbara Gretton, University of Brighton
Peter Hogarth,
Design Education Special Interest Group (DESIG)
Bill Ion, Design Education Special Interest Group (DESIG), Design Society
Tim Katz, University of Brighton
Chris McMahon, Design Society
Richard Morris, University of Brighton

International Scientific Review Board

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Dagfin Asknes, Independent
Bjorn Baggerud, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Peter Barker, Coventry University
Erik Bohemia, Northumbria University
Kathryn Burns, Birmingham City University
Peter Childs, Imperial College, London
Joseph Chiodo, Active Disassembly Research Ltd, Ontario
Derek Colvill, University of Brighton
Steve Culley, University of Bath
Ian De Vere, Swinburne University
Chris Dowlen, London South Bank University
Josef Eberhardsteiner, Vienna University of Technology
Kevin Edwards, KLE Consulting
Kaare Erikson, Aarlborg University
Mike Evatt, Institution of Engineering Designers
Bob Eaves, Bournemouth University
Carolina Gill, Ohio State University
Deshinder Gill, University of Brighton
Richard Goosens, TU Delft
Lance Greene, University of New South Wales
Kerry Harman, Northumbria University
Judith Hills, University of Glamorgan
Peter Hogarth, Bournemouth University
Tania Humphries Smith, Bournemouth University
Bill Ion, Strathclyde University
Toni Matti Karjaainen, Helsinki University of Technology
Tim Katz, University of Brighton
Mario Kolar, TH Salzburg
Ahmed Kovacevic, City University, London
Kristina Lauche, TU Delft
Colin Ledsome, Institution of Engineering Designers
Miika Lehtonen, University of Lapland
Blaine Lily, Ohio State University
Joaquim Lloveras, ETSEIB, UPC, Barcelona
Vicky Lofthouse, Loughborough University
Dorian Marjanovic, University of Zagreb
Alison McMay, University of Leeds
Dennis McKeag, University of Ulster
Chris McMahon, University of Bath
Andy Milligan, University of Dundee
Richard Morris, University of Brighton
Tom Page, Loughborough University
Brian Parkinson, Institution of Engineering Designers
Luis Pons, ETSEIB, UPC, Barcelona
Alun Price, Western Australia Curriculum Council
Paul Rodgers, Napier University
Bernhard Rothbucher, University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg
Filiippo Salustri, Ryerson University
David Wright, Brunel University


Keynote Speaker

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Assa Ashuach

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Assa Ashuach now works as practicing designer, and as an academic at London Metropolitan University where his demonstrates an exemplary combination of research, teaching and industrial collaboration. His particular strengths are in creating new products by working with new technologies and developments in manufacturing where design is not just about form, function or emotion, it is about challenging and modifying traditions based on modern technologies. Examples of his work include instructing rapid prototyping machines through artificial intelligence which he likens to a growing process enabled by a DNA code and refers to as Digital Forming ® . He also seeks to develop new materials needed to fulfil a purpose from the outset of a design project, rather than leaving the material selection to the latter stages. Structures, porosity, flexibility and fluidity are all considered early on, and as a result his designs often have a unique and exquisite form.