Responsible Innovation for Global Co-habitation

Design and Engineering have innovation at the core of their professional practice. Innovation might come from a technocentric drive, pushing technology to new limits without considering why or how that affects us as a society and a global community. The environmental crisis and the lack of improvement in areas such as pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change, demands that our efforts focus into new ways of co-habiting the spaces we share with each other, be it other cultures, other species, and the diverse eco-systems that support us. Therefore, we would like to dedicate the E&PDE 2023 conference to consider and expand the professional and pedagogic role that designers and engineers have in engaging on Responsible Innovation for Global Co-habitation that allows us to create futures that are inclusive, fair and pluralistic.


The conference aims to:  

  • Share and improve design and engineering education, teaching and learning experiences
  • Develop educational concepts and strategies to help students and graduates address current and future challenges
  • Provide a platform to engage a wide and diverse community of participants and explore the various themes from different perspectives

E&PDE 2023 will bring together students, researchers, professionals and industry from the engineering and product design sector to exchange knowledge and experience, exploring themes such as:

  1. The effect that design and engineering have on global co-habitation
  2. Responsible innovation in design and engineering education
  3. Professional perspectives for design students in a pluralistic future
  4. International, multi-sectorial or multispecies collaborations
  5. Ethical, social and/or environmental issues in design and engineering, and their education
  6. Design and engineering as agents of regeneration and transformation
  7. Design and engineering from under-represented perspectives
  8. The potential of interdisciplinary activities to foster responsible innovation
  9. Sustainable development and working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals
  10. Established, alternative and emerging educational paradigms to equip engineers and designers for future challenges

In keeping with the inclusive ethos of the E&PDE conference and to broaden the opportunities to link design and business with creativity and innovation, other stream proposals are welcomed. We invite you to send your ideas for other relevant topics to