PAPER submissions


  • Initial abstracts should be submitted to Conftool as plain text. No template is required.

Full paper and final abstract

A reference template has been created for Mendeley and other reference managers and can be accessed from:

Visual paper

Student papers

Student papers will use the same templates as the abstract and full paper templates. Student authors should reflect on how their learning was enhanced/challenged/limited by particular learning experiences. They should reflect on their learning experience rather than discussing their project and we would encourage them to relate their paper to learning and teaching issues.



  • WhatUni? poster instructions
  • WhatUni? poster template (Illustrator CC)
  • WhatUni? poster template (Illustrator CS6)
  • WhatUni? poster template (PowerPoint – emergency only)

Further assets such as the E&PDE 2023 logo can be downloaded here:


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