This year’s conference is virtual, and we have aimed to ensure that people across the world can participate, allowing maximum accessibility and usability, timezone considerations etc. and to make the conference as dynamic and including as possible.

The full conference programme can be seen on ConfTool.


The conference will take place as planned September 10 – 11.
The workshops that usually take place the day before, are now webinars and take place during the two conference days as well.

This year we invite you to participate in four webinars during the conference.

If you wish to attend any of these sessions, please contact Jo Winslow directly on , and she will add these to your existing bookings on Conftool.

The sessions are booked as follows:

Webinar 1 – Animation: Don’t say it – Show it!                                           
Thursday 10th September 3.15pm – 5.15pm CET

Webinar 2 – Teaching visual design online
Thursday 10th September 3.15pm – 5.15pm CET 

Webinar 3 – Introduction to emerging sketching technologies
Friday 11th September 10.30am – 12.30pm CET

Webinar 4 – Greater Understanding of Consumer Behavior Through Neuroscience
Friday 11th September 10.30am – 12.30pm CET

We look forward to hearing from you.

Introduction to emerging sketching technologies
Host: Nikolaj Sloth Kramer, VIA Design & Business
Expected duration: 2 hours

The aim of the workshop is to show and discuss how new emerging technologies can modify and even perhaps redefine the task of sketching in the design process.

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Greater Understanding of Consumer Behavior Through Neuroscience

Hosts: Hanne Mølbak & Tine Juhl Wade, VIA & Casper Bergmann, IMotions
Expected duration: 1H15min

Current research methods such as questionnaires, focus groups, surveys and self-reporting are often biased, as customers don’t necessarily express how they actually feel. Our filters and biases, cultural influences, our ability to recall events, and even our emotional lexicon can affect the quality and accuracy of a research participant’s self-reporting. This can limit the type of information you can get in research.

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Teaching Visual Design Courses Online
Hosts: Jan Willem Hoftijzer, Delft University of Technology & Bryan Howell, Bringham Young University
Expected duration: 2 hours

We’re at the moment living in an online COVID world, which is specifically challenging for teachers. To address the questions of suitability, quality, desirability, alternative solutions, we have invited faculty from different institutions to share some good, (and some bad) experiences teaching visual design courses.

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The animation depicts that there is a difference in wages between men and women, where the women who stay home with the children are paid less than men.

Don’t say it – Show it!
Host: Hanne Pedersen, The Animation Workshop, VIA University College
Expected duration: 2 hours

Animation is a strong communication tool, but unfortunately also an underestimated and overlooked tool for people who don’t usually work creatively. With this webinar we hope to arouse your curiosity into a new way of communicating your ideas/projects/research visually.

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