Conference Aim

The E&PDE conference will bring together representatives from education and industry who have an interest in sharing new perspectives on design education. The conference will provide a forum for educators and researchers from product development, engineering and industrial design, together with industry and government representatives to discuss current educational issues and the nature of design education now and in the future. This year's conference theme, When Design Education and Design Research meet… aims to provide a platform for participants to explore how scientific research and education within the engineering and product design arena do, can or should strengthen each other. This theme has been chosen as it has remained relatively unexplored in previous years’ conferences; yet, design research has, especially in the past decade, grown to become a mature scientific discipline.

Issues the conference might explore include:

These questions will be explored in the following conference topics:

In keeping with the inclusive ethos of the E&PDE conference other stream proposals are welcomed. It is also envisaged that participation in the conference may take a number of forms: